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What is a computer network?
Why should I network my computers?

Computer Networking DiagramA computer network is simply computers wired together in a way that lets them sharedata and/or devices such as hard drives, CD-ROMs, fax-modems, printers, etc.

Since you can share hard drives on a computer network, a smaller drive can reside on each computer with a single large drive on the system that shares the data area with all users.

With shared data, if one user is out, your temporary replacement can fit right in from any computer in the network and get to work immediately.

Ease of Use and Productivity
Another advantage of computer networks is that all your files can be in one place.  No need to copy a file to a floppy, run over to the computer that is connected to a printer, insert the floppy, locate the file, and then print it. (This procedure is known as the “sneaker net”.) And you can easily back up all of the valuable data on one system’s tape backup

With a computer network, we can easily give groups of users rights to view and edit data pertaining to their jobs, and limit or deny access to areas of data for those who should not have it —for instance, accounting data.

If a shared file of client data is needed, a computer network is the only way to allow multiple users to access the same data file …as long as you are using a networkable database program. We can install and customize such programs for you.

How much does a computer network cost?
Computer networks come in all sizes. You can also network your existing computers and add individual terminals to the computer network as needed.

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